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It's More Common Than You Think

Hair loss affects roughly half of all men by age 40 and about half of all women at some point in their lives. With numbers like that, you can be confident that the chance of hair loss is high and that there has been extensive research on how to prevent and maintain it.

What Causes Hair Loss?

For most men, hair loss is age-related and hereditary. It can also be caused by stress, environmental factors, medication, and some health conditions. Hair loss is common and can be emotionally challenging.

Help is at Hand

Most hair loss is treatable and can be reversed. Hair loss treatments are readily available, affordable, and highly successful. Current therapies use a combination of oral and topical medication. They have a proven 83% success rate in retaining hair, and a 66% success rate in regrowing it.

Dr Peter Mikhail

Your Hair Loss Support

Receive ongoing support from your local GP and hair loss specialist.

Your initial consultation involves:

  • addressing your current concern
  • going through your medical history
  • creating a personalised treatment plan

The initial consultation has a $50 gap fee. Following appointments are bulk billed.

Advanced Health Medical & Dental Centre is a Medicare CDBS provider, and accepts all major health funds:

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